Multi tasking & this box room is bringing me down man. Two weeks to go.

Nearly finished a bottle of wine, listening to sad country music and washing my bed sheets. 
HEY, I’d say that’s pretty productive. 

Why can’t the sun always be kind and block out features. My face is going to stick like this until Degree Show blues have gone away.
Don’t say I’m not an amazing flatmate.
Now someone get me a beer before my head explodes!

Okay, I should win tickets to the Glasgow screening of TFiOS movie because I have been re-reading and obsessing over John Green’s characters for 6 years now. The fact that so many people have read this book and all react with such care and emotion is amazing. And I personally want to weep like a baby all through this film. (Also Ansel Elgort isn’t too bad to look at.) The idea of finally watching this film, that I’ve obsessed over, with so many people that appreciate it- would be just the greatest treat. Okay.  

Please stop growing you scary teenager. Little baby rose.

I know you’re supposed to appreciate your parents, especially as I’ve already lost one. But my mother is just the worst sometimes, there’s such a disconnect & she berates me for nothing. My sister says she’s super calm when I’m not around and then gets uptight when I visit.
Bet there’s some Freudian explanation about how we’re fighting for the dominant female place, or she never got over my horrifying adolescent attitude.
This is why I got along with my dad perfectly. He understood me- he was me.

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