This is a sad day for Scotland, but it shows that we can take it with dignity and respect.
Im gutted but optimistic that it will happen in my lifetime.
The scary part is that its now England’s move.


Today i get to cast my vote and Scotland hopefully changes for the better!
Im voting Yes for my future children and grandchildren.
Im crazy nervous, everyone is.


@GeorgeSquare, Glasgow, Scotland - today.
Im in the crowd there somewhere haha. Everyone ready to vote tomorrow? :)

Very proud to be Scottish right nowWhether its yes or no. Passion is in the air.

Saw this in th paper this morning hahaa
Fife is petite and pretty. Tea rooms and cobble streets, there was even a man peeling onions on a bench. What more do you want?


There was an article in the Scotsman newspaper recently that reported that “the more informed someone is, they’re more likely to vote Yes.” The mantra “knowledge is power” springs to mind. For anyone that hasn’t made up their mind, ask yourself why there is only one side of the campaign that has…

Three trains and waking up at 5.30am on your day off. That’s love mate.

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